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  • The president, bureau and board of the society have been elected during the general assembly on December 19, 2023. Dr Quentin Grimal stepped back from the president position and Dr Mami Matsukawa stepped back from the board. We thank them very much for their excellent service for the society during the past 4 years. Two new board members have been elected, i.e., Dr. Lawrence H. Le from Canada and Dr. Chengcheng Liu from China. The bureau has been elected as follows:
    • President: Kay Raum
    • Treasurer: Quentin Grimal
    • Secretary: Jean-Gabriel Minonzio
  • The 2024 edition of ISUCB will be organized by Prof. Dean Ta and his team in China. Stay tuned for further details!
  • The next QMSKI meeting will be in The Barossa Valley, South Australia, 24th QMSKI, November 3-8, 2024. We are looking forward to meeting you there.



  • The 8th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Characterization of Bone (ISUCB) was organized in Fréjus, France from June 24 to 26, 2019. About 50 participants presented their latest works on bone ultrasound physics (backscattering, guided waves, piezoelectricity, etc.), bone material characterization, numerical methods, signal processing including the use of artificial intelligence, bone imaging methods, and clinical applications. Six students obtained a travel awards and three students were awarded for their excellent presentations at the conference.

Travel Awards

  • Nirina  Beilfuss (Berlin, Germany) Establishment of parameters influencing bio – acoustic – levitation (BAL)
  • Leslie Bustamante (Doshisha, Japan) Experimental and 3D-simulations of shear wave in cortical bone tubes using axial transmission technique
  • Fan Fan (Beihang University, China and Paris, France) Microstructural and compositional determinants of elastic damping assessed from resonant ultrasound spectroscopy measurements in cortical bone
  • Yasui Hirokazu (Doshisha, Japan) Effect of diabetes on longitudinal wave velocity in rat bone in the GHz range
  • Tsukasa  Nakamura (Doshisha, Japan) Site dependence of ultrasonically induced electrical potentials in bone
  • Wang Rui (Beihang University, China) Applying fem-based resonant ultrasound spectroscopy to elasticity measurement of hard biomaterial samples of irregular shape

Presentation Awards

  • Fan Fan (5thfrom left, Beihang University, China and Paris, France), Winner, Microstructural and compositional determinants of elastic damping assessed from resonant ultrasound spectroscopy measurements in cortical bone
  • Tsukasa  Nakamura (6thfrom left Doshisha, Japan), Finalist, Site dependence of ultrasonically induced electrical potentials in bone
  • Dongsheng Bi (3rd from left, Fudan University, China), Finalist, machine learning classifier for osteoporosis diagnosis using ultrasonic backscatter signals
  • During the General Assembly, the board of the Society has been re-elected and Jean-Gabriel Minonzio was elected as a new board member. Link
  • In 2021, four years after the workshop in Banz (Germany), the 9th ISUCB will be organized jointly with the QMSKI workshop (23rd International Workshop on Quantitative Musculoskeletal Imaging). This will be a fantastic opportunity for the bone ultrasound community to present novel ultrasound technologies to a broader audience, learn from and network with researchers concerned with technologies and scientific findings related to skeletal health.
  • In 2020, BoneUS will prepare a White Paper on bone ultrasound. A dedicated mailing list will be prepared. If you would like to take part this project, or simply to be kept informed, please email with subject “2020 White Paper BoneUS”. The White Paper will be a short document (5 pages maximum) intended for funding agencies, clinicians, associations of patients, and researchers. The White Paper will (1) present available technologies to diagnose skeletal diseases and associated main clinical studies; (2) provide a picture of innovative ultrasound approaches and technical challenges; (3) identify key clinical applications; (4) provide recommendations for standardization.
  • A new patent application for the quantitative assessment of cortical bone properties has been published in December 2018 by Dr. Raum and his team from Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The patent describes backscatter and refraction methods to measure thickness, speed of sound, pore size and density, and porosity in cortical bone. Link
  • New reports of clinical studies and recent Reviews
  • In vivo measurements of cortical thickness and porosity at the proximal third of the tibia using guided waves: Comparison with site-matched peripheral quantitative computed tomography and distal high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography. UMB, May 2019. Link
  • Ultrasound-based estimates of cortical bone thickness and porosity are associated with non-traumatic fractures in postmenopausal women: A pilot study. JBMR, March 2019. Link
  • Advancing Methods of Assessing Bone Quality to Expand Screening for Osteoporosis. JAOA, March 2019. Link
  • Radiofrequency echographic multispectrometry compared with dual X-ray absorptiometry for osteoporosis diagnosis on lumbar spine and femoral neck. Osteop Int, Feb 2019. Link
  • The challenges of diagnosing osteoporosis and the limitations of currently available tools. Clin Diab Endocrin, 2018. Link
  • Miscellaneous News
    • Bone in Crime Scenes: Arthur Angermuller (Cergy-Pontoise university, France) investigates how ultrasound measurements of bone could help the police dating bone remnants in crime scene. Arthur was a finalist of the contest “My thesis in 180 seconds” (video in French)
  • A Robot to Diagnose and Treat Bone Loss: A medical robot from Fudan University (China) uses a device to diagnose bone loss using ultrasonic backscatter and to treat bone loss using low intensity pulsed ultrasound. The device was presented at the international fair of  inventions in Geneva and won an Award. Link
  • Guided waves improve assessment of capillary perfusion in the skeletal muscle near the bone cortex. Link
  • Chameleon Bones Glow in the Dark, Even Through Skin Link
  • Xingxing Chou (Fudan University, China) defended her PhD:  “bone evaluation method under microgravity using ultrasonic backscatter” In June 2019, a Ph.D. candidate of Prof. Dean Ta of Fudan University, China, Xingxing Chou passed her doctoral dissertation defense. The thesis is entitled “Bone evaluation method under microgravity using ultrasonic backscatter”. Simulation were performed to investigate the parameter sensitivity of ultrasound backscatter method with cancellous bone microstructural variation. The ultrasound backscattering experiments were carried out with New Zealand rabbits in vivo with different bone loss. The correlation between biochemical parameters of bone metabolism and ultrasonic backscatter parameters was also investigated.


  • A glimpse at ongoing basic science research in 2018: communications at IEEE IUS and Autumn ASA Meetings. Read more
  • New reports of clinical studies and recent reviews:
  • Pulse-echo ultrasound method for detection of post-menopausal women with osteoporotic BMD. Read more
  • Associations between radius low-frequency axial ultrasound velocity and bone fragility in elderly men and women. Read more
  • Quantitative Ultrasound and the Management of Osteoporosis. Read more
  • Quantitative ultrasound assessment of cortical bone properties beyond bone mineral density. Read more
  • 2018 Update of the recommendations for diagnosis and management of osteoporosis by the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis (ESCEO) and the Committees of Scientific Advisors and National Societies of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF).
  • European guidance for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Read more
  • Ongoing ultrasonic assessment of children’s bone in Japan. Read more
  • A major grant for “Ultrasound bone imaging method and device” in China. Read more
  • Prof. Dean Ta (Fudan University, China), a member of the BoneUS Board, has been elected as the Vice President of the Acoustic Society of China. Link (in Chinese) Read more
  • WAVE IN – WAVE OUT. Long night of the sciences of Berlin and Potsdam presents axial transmission to public. Read more
  • Fréjus (France) was chosen to organize the next workshop of the BoneUS Society in June 2019. While the 2017 European Symposium on Ultrasonic Characterization of Bone (Germany) was organized jointly with the International Bone Densitometry Workshop (IBDW), it was decided to have separate conferences in 2019 and possibly a joined conference again in 2021. The workshop changes name and becomes ISUCB (International replaces European) to acknowledge the world-wide audience of the ESUCB conference series. The 8th ISUCB will take place in Fréjus (France) on June 24-26, 2019. Save the date ! Read more
  • IBDW becomes the International Workshop on Quantitative Musculoskeletal Imaging (QMSKI). The 22nd edition will be held in Canada in February 2019. Read more
  • Georges Van der Perre, a pioneer in the study of bone vibration and monitoring of healing with ultrasound passed away in Leuven on September 14, 2017. Read more
  • Two bone QUS devices recently received FDA clearance. Read more
  • Standardization of bone QUS devices in Japan. Read more
  • A panel of experts recommends against the use of Low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) for bone healing. Read more
  • A lively osteoporosis story in Nature journal about guidelines, screening, prevention and Treatments by Carolyn Brown: Osteoporosis: Staying strong. Nature 550, S15-S17.
  • The international Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) issues the First Edition of the Compendium of Osteoporosis. Read more


  • August, 2017: BoneUS has been officially registered
  • The kick-off meeting for the foundation of BoneUS was held in June 2017 during the 2017 IBDW/ESUCB meeting and the board was elected.
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