Internal Regulations

Bone Ultrasound Society (BONUS)

July, 6, 2017

The present Internal Regulations of the Bone Ultrasound Society (BONUS), hereafter referred to as Association, cover issues which, according to Article 10 of the Statutes, have to be specified and determined by the Internal Regulations of the Association. They include issues not covered by the Statutes, which are considered important for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Association. The Internal Regulations and their modifications are proposed by the Board and approved by the ordinary General Assembly.

Members must pay the membership due every year. The due is 30€ for regular members and 10€ for Junior members. Membership year runs from January, 1rst through December, 31. Membership must be payed before July, 1rst. Members who have not payed the due for two consecutive years will lose the status of member after a last reminder. A member wishing to resign must have paid all his due membership fees.

Expenditures are decided by the President. The president may delegate this power to the treasurer.

Members of the Board are in charge of the administration of the Association and of the organisation of its activities. Members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly according to the Statutes. The maximum number of Board members is seven.

5.1. General
The Association organizes a bianual symposium entitled “International Symposium on the Ultrasonic Characterization of Bone” (ISUCB). The symposium usually takes place in Europe but can exceptionnaly be organized outside of Europe. The dates of the Symposium are decided jointly by the Board and the local Organizing Comittee (OC).

5.2. Symposium applications
The Board publishes a call for Symposium applications if possible at least 2.5 years before the expected date of the Symposium. Applications of candidates to organize a Symposium (N) should be communicated to the president before the start of preceeding Symposium (N-1). Applications should include a preliminary Organizing Comitte (OC), funding scheme, and location of the Symposium. The Board will review the application and designate the chair of the OC for the Symposium (N).

5.3. Organizing comittee (OC)
The OC is in charge of the local organization, e.g., location, social program, options for lunches. The OC is in charge of creating and maintening the Symposium website. The Association may assist the OC in the organisation of the symposium at the request of the OC.

5.4. Scientific program
The chair of the OC is responsible for proposing a scientific program, which must be approved by the Board.

5.5. Award
One or several young investigtor awards will be granted to a junior scientist during each Symposium. Board membrs and the chair of the OC are responsible for the designation of the laureate. All participants, being students or under 30 years old, registered to the Symposium, are eligible. He or She has to be the first author of the paper to bepresented at the Conference and has to present the paper him/herself. After the end of the scientific presentations, Members of the Association designated by the Board discuss the potential laureate and vote anonymously to designate the laureate. The amount or prize to be given to the Laureate will be decided by the Board and will be based on available funds. The list of Laureates will be made public on the website of the Association.

The Association Newletter is published twice a year except if exceptional circumstances prevent the publication of the Newsletter. The Newsletter contains information on the activities of the Association as well as informations on events held around the globe related to topics of interest for the Association Members. National and International Societies are sources of information as well as Individuals. The Newsletter is prepared by a Member of the Association designated by the Board. The President approves the content of the formatted Letter before publication.

An Association Event is a Conference, Symposium or Workshop that is allowed to use the logo of the Association. The organizers of an event should send an application to the Association Board, at least six (6) months before the scheduled date of the event indicating the venue, the scope and the expected number of participants. The Board will send their decision within a month from the submission of the application of the event. The announcement of the events will appear in the Newsletter and/or the Association Web-site. No other obligations are foreseen for the Association.

8.Association Sponsorship
Under specific circumstances enterprises may become Sponsors of the Association. The sponsorship shall be dedicated to a specific action, such as Awards and Symposiums. The sponsorship can be on a regular basis year by year. In each specific case the circumstances for sponsoring and the details are expressed in terms of an agreement between the Sponsor and the Association. The Board must approve a sponsorship.

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