Two bone QUS devices received FDA clearance

  • CyberLogic® has received US FDA clearance to market the UltraScan™ 650. The UltraScan 650 (CyberLogic) is an ultrasound device that is designed to non-invasively and quantitatively assess the amount of bone at the 1/3 location of the radius in the forearm of an individual. UltraScan 650 can be used to determine BMDUS Index in adult men and women and to assess appendicular fracture risk in postmenopausal women.


  • Bone Index has received US FDA clearance to market the second generation Bindex® point-of-care device models. Bindex® measures the cortical bone thickness of the tibia and the algorithm calculates the Density Index, a parameter which estimates bone mineral density at the hip as measured with DXA.