A glimpse at ongoing basic science research in 2018

Communications at IEEE IUS and Autumn ASA Meetings


Fracture prediction

Ex vivo radius fracture discrimination from cortical thickness and porosity obtained by axial transmission. JG Minonzio et al.

Imaging and segmentation

Detection of distal forearm fractures using bone-enhanced 3D ultrasound imaging. A Dixon et al.

Segmenting bone structures in ultrasound images with Locally Weighted SLSC (LW-SLSC) beamforming. E Gonzalez et al.


Machine Learning

RF Data Restoration using Deep Neural Network in Subjects Including Bone for Ultrasound Computed Tomography. Y Watanabe et al.

Neural Network based Bone Density Estimation from the Ultrasound Waveforms inside Cancellous Bone derived by FDTD simulations. Y Nagatani et al.


Transcranial ultrasound

Effects of Microstructure on Ultrasonic Attenuation in Skull Bone. S Liao et al.

Looking at the skull in a new light: Rayleigh-Lamb waves in cranial bone. H Estrada et al.


Probing of cortical bone thickness and microstructure

In-silico validation of microstructure estimation from cortical bone backscatter. J Du et al.

Cortical bone microstructure assessed by acoustic microscopy in the tibia and proximal femur shaft is correlated with hip stiffness and strength. G Iori et al.

A three-parameter empirical model of the angular dependence of the speed of sound in cortical bone. Q Grimal et al.

Inferring porosity from frequency dependent attenuation in bone mimicking porous materials. M Muller

In vivo estimation of cortical thickness and porosity by axial transmission: Comparison with high resolution computed tomography. Ramiandrisoa et al.

Ultrasound Multiple Scattering in Cortical Bone: Effect of Pore Size and Pore Concentration. Y Karbalaeisadegh et al.

Influence of porosity on apparent absorption coefficient in porous structures mimicking cortical bone. Y Karbalaeisadegh et al.


Signal procession techniques and inverse problems

Mode Separation and Reconstruction of Ultrasonic Guided Waves Based on Synchrosqueezed Wavelet Transform. Z Liu

Parameter-sweep inversion for thickness and elastic velocities of long bone using axially-transmitted ultrasonic guided waves. T Tran et al.


Probing of trabecular bone microstructure

Application of Dynamic Time Warping Technique to Evaluate Microstructures of Cancellous Bones. B Li et al.


Ultrasonic bone biopsy device

Comparison of longitudinal-mode and longitudinal-torsional mode ultrasonic bone biopsy devices. R Cleary et al.

An Ultrasonically Assisted Sagittal Saw. D Richards et al.


Novel instrumentation

Study about non-contact measurement of the acoustic property in an incline-sided tissue using pass-through airborne ultrasound. S Hirata et al.



Study on the wave convergence in bone for the effective ultrasound radiation. M Saeki


Electro- and Magneto-mechanical coupling

Ultrasound radiation from bovine cortical bone. T Makino et al.

Acoustically stimulated electromagnetic imaging in biomedical tissues. K Ikushima


Autumn ASA Meeting

Trans-cranial ultrasound

Ultrasonic evaluation of anisotropic structure of swine skull. Murashima et al.

Simulation of ultrasound propagation through human skull: Experimental validation and application to treatment planning. Padilla et al.



Reflection of an ultrasonic wave from the bone-implant interface: A numerical study of the effect of the multiscale roughness. Heriveaux et al.

In vitro and in vivo comparison between methods based on quantitative ultrasound and on resonance frequency analysis to assess dental implant stability. Vayron et al.

Ultrasonic characterization of porous gyroid scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: Mechanical modelling and numerical validation. Rosi et al.


Guided waves

Bone guided-wave ultrasonography: How far are we from clinical implementation? Le et al.

High-resolution wavenumber estimation in ultrasonic guided waves using adaptive array signal processing for bone quality assessment. Okumura et al.

Evaluation of axially transmitted shear waves in cortical bone: Experimental and simulation study. Bustamante Diaz et al.

Model-based inversion of ultrasonic guided waves for cortical bone properties. Tran et al.

Inverse characterization of radius bone using low-frequency ultrasonic guided waves. Pereira et al


Microstructure / cortical

Effect of scattering and porosity on the apparent absorption in porous biphasic structures—Application to cortical bone. Karbalaeisadegh et al.

Characterizing porosity in bone-like porous media from frequency dependent attenuation. White et al


Microstructure / trabecular

Numerical simulation and machine learning based analysis of the ultrasonic waveform propagating in bone tissue. Nagatani et al.

Detection of fast and slow waves propagating through porous media. Wear et al.

Cancellous bone characterization using ultrasonic backscatter parametric imaging. Ta et al.


Ultrasonic backscatter evaluates the variability of bone in pregnant women. Li et al.

In vivo ultrasonic evaluation of distal part of radius in their early teens. Matsukawa et al



Study on the ultrasonic wave convergence in the medium with bone. Saeki et al.


Laser ultrasound

Evaluation of wave velocity in bovine meniscus by laser ultrasound technique. Fukunaga et al.